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Unique solution for cellular care by leading skin specialists, Charmzone 


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Ancient medical beauty method, Ki Gold Energizing deeply cleans the scalp and hair, eliminates dandruff and itching. Rich in menthol, it moisturizes and nourishes the scalp. Pure extract of 10 active medical plants decocted with a high concentration of Korean ginseng.

Daeng Gi Meori Premium Shampoo

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Restores the confidence in skin with the pride in time.

Skin Science for You

Nadree Skin

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Complete the hair style with strong setting and natural shine. 

(Great for both men and women)

Freeze Pitch Wax

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Jingi Vitalizing Shampoo 

authentic herbal brand which completes the healthy beauty with the nutrition of herbal extracts obtained after decocting herbs in traditional ways.  

Daeng Gi Meori Premium Shampoo

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A smoothing skin care set that comforts the stimulated and sensitized skin with natural ingredients. The fresh and smooth care corrects the oil-moisture balance of the skin, soothing the skin healthily and safely 

Charmzone Good Sell Cica Skin Care 

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Harnesses the anti-oxidative power of ginkgo leaves to nourish and protect the skin against everyday stress and damaging environmental elements. 

Ginkgo Natural

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* Rated Top 10 Best Korean Masks

Accelerate collagen synthesis in order to improve wrinkles and keep skin resilient. In addition, Ramulus mori extracts have whitening function. The Orthia Perfect collagen can be called a double functional product

Orthia Face Masks

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Salon Tech's universal hair treatment for all hair types. Ultra nourishing,multitasking formula rich in polyphenol antioxidants instantly softens, tames, defrizzes and detangles hair to make it look silky and healthy. 

Hair Confidence

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